Friday, September 2, 2011

My First Quilt

I have finally made a quilt, it's always been on my list but I thought making one would be too difficult.  When I think of quilts I think of all those intricate designs and small pieces you have to sew together.  It just seemed too big a task for me to take on, but then a friend of mine was showing me some quilts she made, they were the cutest baby rag quilts.  I had never heard of a rag quilt and immediately wanted to try to make one, I just needed an excuse.  As luck would have it my mom had an up coming  baby shower for her friend's daughter, so I told my mom I would make her one to give as a gift.

I now think the hardest part of making a quilt is finding five to six coordinating fabrics that you want to put together to make your quilt.  I probably spent a good two hours at the fabric store trying to find the right fabrics. In the end I did, I went with a Brown/Pink theme (since she's having a girl), I found the cutest pig and baby girl word fabric that I paired with some polka dots and stripes. I also bought a rotary cutter and micro-tip easy action scissors, these are essential for making a rag quilt.

Once I had my fabric and tools I went on YouTube and found the greatest video that explains step by step how to make a rag quilt, I understood the basics from what my friend told me but wanted something to refer back to as I was sewing.  You can find the video here: Beverly's How-To.

And here is my finished product:
Back - Minky & Flannel patches
Front View
Close Up of Front

 I also made a matching "Taggie", post coming soon.

If you love these Rag Quilts as much as I do my friend sells hers on Etsy, they are super cute!!!  Check out her shop here: Little Shop Of Moxi

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